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Non-Confidential Information

With the exception of any applicable terms and conditions set forth in the Privacy Policy, any communications or other material that you may send us via the Internet or address to the Company's Site by e-mail or otherwise, such as queries, suggestions, and the like, our Company will treat and treat them as non-confidential, and will not have any commitment to this information. Our Company is free to use any idea, concept, know-how or technique contained in this kind of communication for any purpose, including but not limited to the promotion of its products through the Internet.

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The Company will make every effort, as far as possible, to include as accurate and reliable information as possible on the Site, but it does not give any kind of warranty or give any promise regarding the accuracy, timeliness or completeness at any time of its website. The user assumes any risk that may arise from accessing and using the Site. The Company does not give any express or implied warranty, nor does it promise the appropriateness of the items of its marketing for a particular purpose. In addition, the Company is not responsible for any unavailability of any of the products or services posted on the Site. Neither the Company nor any party involved in the creation, design, or availability of this Website will be liable for any damages whatsoever to the user, including but not limited to any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or other damages resulting from any any use, or inability to use this Site, or for any damage caused by any negligence or negligence on the part of any employee or attachment thereof or any error or omission in its contents unless it is shown that araleipsi due to the fault of the same administration of the Corporation with intent to cause damage to a specific user. Exclusion of liability also involves causing any damage from any virus transmission to the user's electronic equipment.


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General Terms and Conditions of Use

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